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Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D.  

Moons Grove Press is pleased to be working with International Bestselling Author Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., a writer, blogger, board certified sexologist, and sex therapist. A widely-cited sex expert, Gloria is the author of several bestselling books about sex, including Different Loving, Come Hither, and The Truth About Sex series. A professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality she was named “Hero of the Sexual Revolution,” by Exodus Trust. Gloria sits on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.
Different Loving
Different Loving Too: Real People, Real Lives, Real BDSM
Come Hither
The Truth About Sex, A Sex Primer for the 21st Century Volume I: Sex and the Self
The Truth About Sex, A Sex Primer for the 21st Century Volume II: Sex for Grown-Ups

Naked Memory: Confessions of a Sexual Revolutionary
Naked Memory is an uninhibited memoir that spares no details about the transformation of a girl into a woman. It paves a new path in sex history, fearlessly depicting the true psychological landscape of sex, from the shocking sexual revelations of puberty to the lusty, audacious and, sometimes harrowing, adventures of a teenaged sexual revolutionary... Click here to read more

A Fetish for Men
Gloria Brame's latest memoir...

From cold lessons in survival to hot adventures in flesh, from the first inklings of kink to bisexual love, A Fetish for Men is the unsparing sex history of a child of Holocaust survivors who thinks sex is an antidote to the pain of life... Click here to read more

Different Loving Too: Real People, Real Lives, Real BDSM
The long-awaited sequel to 1993's Different Loving, the book that introduced BDSM to the mainstream, Different Loving Too takes a deep dive into the secret world of BDSM and how it has changed in the 21st century. Often emotional, always intimate, people who told their stories back then have come back to bare their souls – sharing highlights, low points, lessons learned and their secrets to successful BDSM relationships... Click here to read more

Champions of Pleasure
Gloria Brame's first novel in 20 years, Champions of Pleasure colorfully displays her profound understanding of the backstories of queer/BDSM lives, and the emotional highs and lows of being sexually different. The writing sparkles with her unique combination of wit, intelligence and warmth. Dane's journey to sexual self-awareness is a painfully hilarious ride you will never forget... Click here to read more

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Recent Publications

Champions of Pleasure
Champions of Pleasure
by Gloria G. Brame
Different Loving Too: Real People, Real Lives, Real BDSM
Different Loving Too
by Dr. Gloria G. Brame
with William D. Brame
A Fetish for Men
A Fetish for Men
by Dr. Gloria G. Brame
Naked Memory: Confessions of a Sexual Revolutionary
Naked Memory
by Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D.

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