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Kristopher Lovestone
Kristopher Lovestone
Sex Educator,
Relationship Skills Teacher & Author

Sex Educator, Relationship Skills Teacher & Author
Kristopher Lovestone

Conscious Cock
The Empowered Sexuality Manual for Men:
Healthy Masculinity, Sex Education & Communication Tools

by Kristopher Lovestone


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Conscious Cock: The Empowered Sexuality Manual for Men: Healthy Masculinity, Sex Education & Communication Tools

In the wake of #MeToo, heterosexual men are clamoring to understand how to reconcile their sexual desires with the awareness of the prevalence of harassment, oppression and abuse of women. Conscious Cock offers a crash course in up-leveling our awareness and sensitivities, communication and relational skills and understanding of how women work and experience arousal with modern sex education and perspectives so that we can achieve true relationship and love-life satisfaction.

It gives men tools to honor their sexual nature and connect deeply with their female partner while deconstructing oppressive patterns that are toxic to relationship success. By course-correcting with the tools presented here, men are able to get more of what they really want sexually while simultaneously improving their relationship through authenticity, transparency and integrity. Conscious Cock gives men a tangible roadmap that fosters harmony and equality in their relationship and engenders healing and equality between the sexes.

About the Author

Kristopher Lovestone is a relationship skills instructor, sex educator and men's empowerment facilitator. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he now lives in Costa Rica with his family.

He enjoys sailing, para-gliding, strong Costa Rican coffee and geeking out on relationship success strategies.

He teaches and speaks on topics ranging from authenticity tools, boundaries and consent, modern accurate sex education, relationship design, the anatomy of arousal and self-empowerment through finding your inner truth.

His amazingly successful long-term relationship with his wife/best friend is a testament to the value and merit of the tools he teaches--as he lives by example and provides a truly inspiring real-world model of success for his students to follow in their own relationships.

His classes, workshops, online courses, retreats, men's circles and online community, the Conscious Cock Brotherhood, help men to rise into the healthy masculine in an empowered and deeply fulfilling way with the essential support of other men.

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